Our Manifesto

Lichen is a unique organism that can be found all over the world, which is made up of a combination of fungus and algae. Its existence depends on these elements working in a symbiotic relationship, an interaction that provides opportunity to both and is essential to its being.

The spirit of symbiosis is the core of our work. Lichen Consulting exists as a hybrid of diverse elements working together. When we partner with organizations, communities and experts, the work is naturally deep and invested. The overarching goal is to experience a better world, yet the key to this as constant interaction and experiment, be it on a micro or macro scale. 

Essential to this is work is people, because it is the people of any community, organization, or group who provide the elements of understanding and knowledge. For Lichen Consulting, our goal is to understand, then extend this understanding to practical action. The work needed to achieve this comes through listening and sharing, uncovering and discovery, revealing and recording, within an environment of trust, support, and generosity. 

Lichen is both complex in its structure yet simple in its existence; strong and resilient, yet adaptable and sensitive. Inspired by these seeming juxtapositions, Lichen Consulting approaches our work as an exploration. We look at problems from many vantage points, gaining insight into untapped strengths and resources; we find that what often gets overlooked can lead to a better, and perhaps unexpected, way forward. 

Lichen is dynamic and expansive. There are many species of lichen in the world, and much still unknown. Constantly in flux, the organism expands, contracts, and adapts to diverse environments. In this way too, Lichen Consulting is ever-changing and evolving. We don’t believe we know everything, and are prepared to be surprised by new ideas, to see things in new ways, and to bring that knowledge to the foreground for validation and action, in a way that is beneficial for all.

Above all, we work with integrity

We believe in being accountable – not just to you –

but the community of people around us.